Syntholix: Site Enhancing Oil Protocol

Syntholix’s site enhancing oil works great on smaller muscle groups such as arms, shoulders, trapezium and calves but can also be used for quadriceps and laterals.

30 Days Synthol Protocol.

1mL per muscle head for 10 days.
1.5mL per muscle head for 10 days.
2mL per muscle head for 10 days.


The biceps muscle has two heads, the short head and the long head. The short head, also called the inner head is the part of the biceps that is closer to your body. The long head, also called the outer head is located on the outside of your biceps muscle. Apply Syntholix equally on both heads to enhance the natural shape of your biceps.


The triceps muscle has three heads, the long head, the medial head and the lateral head. The long and medial heads are located at the back section of the arm, the upper section being the long head and the bottom section being the medial head. The lateral head is located in the front outer portion of the arm. For the best natural results, apply Syntholix on the long and lateral head only.


The shoulder is composed of three deltoids, the front, lateral and rear deltoids. The goal is to create round and bold shoulders. To achieve this, have a look at your shoulders and check which deltoids are lagging. Apply Syntholix on every deltoid and add an extra 0.5mL on the lagging ones.


Calves have two heads, the medial and lateral head. For the best result you want to evenly apply Syntholix on both muscle head. Calves muscle can be a very sensitive area, we suggest starting the protocol at 0.5mL.